Korean-English translation is hard to get right. Like working with a campfire, too far from the original and you’re cold, too close and you get burned. Badly. It’s more art than science, more hard work than technique, more obsession with details than technology. Even within the fabled Goldilocks Zone, there is plenty of room for disagreement: getting it “just right” takes more than adjusting formality, discourse level, and word usage.

In other words, this profession is not for the fainthearted. Or the lazy. I’ve found that research is the most important part of a job, and that, despite how Google and others have eased the burden of this aspect of the craft, it still takes a great deal of effort.

I’m sure this applies to any combination of unrelated languages. My decades of experience, though, are with Korean and English in general, and with translating mostly South Korean text and audio into American English in particular.

This, then, is the home of my approach to the art and business of Korean-English translation. I don’t claim to be the best or the brightest in this field, but I am comfortable with the skills and habits I’ve developed, and believe you will be satisfied with the results.

For any questions you may have, or to request a resume, rate information, or a quote, send me an email.